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Triten Norbutse provides two main education programs:

An academic program, leading to the Geshe degree, provides an extensive and rigorous comprehensive study of a broad spectrum of the Bön religious tradition. It includes Bön philosophy of Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen pertaining to its major canonical texts as well as general Tibetan sciences and arts, namely astrology, poetry, medicine, Tibetan and Sanskrit grammar and various aspects of religious iconography such as Mandala, script and calligraphy. There are also courses on religious rituals, arts and music. Alongside lessons taught by specialized masters, the monks are encouraged to deepen their knowledge through regular lively debate.

Upon successfully completing this thirteen-year program, the monks are awarded the distinguished Geshe degree, the highest academic qualification in the Bön tradition, which corresponds to the European Doctor of Theology.

The Meditation Training Program concentrates on Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, which is a system of meditation on the Nature of Mind. This program transmits the entire teachings on the four major Bön Dzogchen texts enabling the students to acquire a deep understanding and experience of meditation.

Group of monks, builing sand Mandala at Triten Norbutse

The students:

In early 1994, there were only 20 monk-students at Triten Norbutse.

Now there are 170, both Nepalese and Tibetan. Many have made the long journey from Tibet over the Himalayas and arrived with neither personal funds nor belongings. Most monks own only a simple bedroll, a set of tattered monastic robes and a pair of worn-out shoes. Being Tibetan refugees or coming from remote areas of western Nepal, they are from poor farming and nomadic families who are unable to provide any financial support or living allowance for them.

Despite their few material belongings, the monks arrive at Triten Norbutse with a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment; they consider it an honour and a privilege to undergo the prolonged program of study at the monastery, as this is a major life goal for all aspiring Bönpo monastic students.

The monastery also hosts students, practitioners and scholars from other countries, according to its facilities

Achievement to date on the three main objectives

Study programme: By the year 2007, twenty-seven of our students had passed their examination under the observation of a representative of H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama and were awarded the Geshe degree. Today they teach other monks and take part in different monastic and social works for the benefit of the tradition and of humanity in general.

Meditation program: Twenty students of the Meditation school have also completed their course of studies so that we now have a group of serious and experienced practitioners to perform rituals, and to guide and practice meditation.

In 1990, a traditional herbal medical school was started in a remote area of west Nepal under the guidance of this monastery. This has been of great benefit for the local people and for the students. Five students including two ladies were awarded their doctor degree in Traditional Herbal Medicine in 2001, 2002 and 2005.

In 2006, in order to improve the quality of the education, facilitate management and increase efficacy of the work in progress, the school was relocated to Kathmandu, to a property belonging to Triten Norbutse.

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